I’m a communication studies major and I’ve found that sometimes words are thrown about that people might not understand, or simply do not care enough about to Google. As a result they might just skip that article about intersectionality and miss how relevant it might be to their lives.

I explain some of those words minus the jargon.

That’s really it.

Why is my mum my demographic?
She’s inspired this project because whenever she was curious about something relevant to my degree, when I tried explaining it, I felt like I was not speaking English anymore. It took me a lot longer to explain these things or concepts than it probably should have. None of these things are intimidating or complex.

I deeply appreciated her curiosity and I have great respect for people who just want to learn more but perhaps didn’t major in the humanities, so I felt it would be appreciated by my mum and others if there was a straightforward explanation for things, written exactly how I might explain it to my mum.

So while you’re likely not my mum, if you simply wanted to learn more, this is for you and I hope you might find this helpful!

If you already understand these things, if you’re a lazy college student (been there once), this is not a textbook replacement, please go read your readings (please, your lecturers are crying). However when you get too lost in a theory or caught up on a word you might find a simpler explanation to be a good refresher to get back on track with. Plus, if you get a curious question about similar topics (probably from your mum or dad?) you now have an idea how to explain it to them.

Of course, it’s not a thorough explanation with just 5 points, but I hope that my posts at least clarify part of the issue and sparks enough interest for a reader to ask and read more about it. The aim here is that whenever a specific word pops up elsewhere, a reader would now understand enough to be engaged in the article.

Hopefully, this blog would be able to involve more people in discussion about important sociological matters that surround us using everyday, ordinary language.

More importantly, I hope this blog is able to answer the question, “Girl ah, what do you study in university?”


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